How to set up XMPToolkit SDK CS6 in Xcode 4.6

14 Mar
  1. Build XMPToolkit SDK by opening ../XMP-Toolkit-SDK-CS6/build/xcode/XMPToolkitSDK.xcodeproj and click on “Run”
  2. Open and build the sample project in ../XMP-Toolkit-SDK-CS6/samples/build/xcode/XMPSamples.xcodeproj
  3. Create new C++ project in Xcode
  4. Click on the project
  5. Click on any of the targets -> “Build settings“, change “Base SDK” to your current OS X
  6. Compare to the build settings of target “ReadingXMP release” in XMPSamples, make sure all of the options is identical
  7. Under “Build location” the directories can be custom
  8. Under “User-defined” you only have to define one item XMP_ROOT -> your-directory/XMP-Toolkit-SDK-CS6
  9. Under “Linking” -> “Other linking flags“, set value to: ${XMP_ROOT}/public/libraries/macintosh/release/libXMPCoreStatic.a ${XMP_ROOT}/public/libraries/macintosh/release/libXMPFilesStatic.a -framework CoreServices
  10. Under “Search paths” -> “Header search paths“, set value to $(PROJECT_DIR) $(SRCROOT) $(XMP_ROOT) ${XMP_ROOT}/public/include
  11. Under “Apple LLVM compiler 4.2 – Preprocessing” -> “Preprocessor Macros“, set value to MAC_ENV=1
  12. You are good to go!

Check out our repo at Github

(The XMP logo is either a registered trademark or trademark of the Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.)



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